We provide candidates to the Energy and Information Technology industries.

With nearly a decade in the energy industry helping our teammates meet their objectives, we are taking that experience seeing those qualities that make one Project Manager or Cost Analyst better than another and applying it to the staffing and recruiting industry.  Our primary focus is on the five project control positions that make up PMO organizations; Scheduler, Cost Analyst, Project Manager, Estimator and Planner.  We also work with Engineering groups to find them the candidates they need for their organizations.

Of course, it's not just about the companies we serve.  It's also about finding the right opportunity for our job seekers to grow in their careers.

We are taking the experience we've gained helping our clients meet their staffing and recruiting needs and expanding into Information Technology.  We added new consultants who have a combined 85 years experience in Information Technology.  We are confident we can meet your company’s needs and help you meet your client's objectives.

Our Story

Everyone loves a good story. This is ours. The motivation to create this company started during my time at Duke Energy. A friend of mine had suggested I start my own recruiting firm. At the time, I knew nothing about recruiting so I didn’t take the idea seriously. When I was at Farley, I had the opportunity to met two entrepreneurs. One was a farmer who would work her farm on the weekend after working as a project manager during the week. The other previously owned a Subway franchise and was working on his next business.

Both of them inspired me, but it was my time at VC Summer that really made it come alive. A friend of mine, also a scheduler, called me one day and asked me if I could help his son. He wanted to stay at my place while he took a training course and save about $500 on a hotel room. I lived up in North Carolina and spent the week down in South Carolina working. That would require me to move out of my comfort zone and let an (almost) complete stranger stay in my house. Eventually I decided to do it and was pretty happy I got to help a young guy start his career and save a little money.

Fast forward a few months I met a project manager who worked on a project that I knew about but wasn’t involved with until then. During the introduction, he happened to ask me if I knew any schedulers as their group needed one. I jokingly said I did but he had just graduated from a training course, figuring he wouldn’t be interested. He then asked, “Is his father a scheduler?”

It was that moment that I stopped believing in coincidences.

I told him he was and we talked further. The project manager decided to interview him and he made it past that first round. The moment I heard that, I was overjoyed. I felt a great deal of satisfaction completing projects on time and generally helping things run smoothly for the groups I worked for. But it felt nothing like helping a guy who was a signals technician making $13 an hour to a starting a career as a scheduler making $50 an hour.

I knew I needed to do this every day.

This is what motivates us. We are mindful that each position we fill has the chance to completely change the lives of everyone involved.

We are grateful for the opportunity to match up great candidates with great jobs.  We look forward to working with you.


In each of our three service types listed below, we work with third party vendors to drug screen and background check our candidates.


VWhen it comes to permanent placement, we first begin by agreeing on the job description.  Then, we go beyond it in order to learn the culture our candidates will work in as well as the needs of their coworkers and internal customers.  In doing so, we believe we gain a better understanding of the needs of our clients and ensure the success of our candidates.


We use the process described above to place a Arclight employee in your organization to work on a contract basis.  This allows you the flexibility to retain our employee only when there is need on short term, long term or on a project basis.


In this case, we place our employee in your organization with the understanding that, at an agreed upon time, you make the decision to hire them as a permanent employee or not.  This allows you see what they can do before committing to them as a permanent employee

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